PAED CONCA: clarinet


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since 1989 he works as a musician, composer and improviser

plays clarinet and bass

he writes Music for theater, film, dance, small ensembles and plays in a lot of different projects

-composed and performed from 1989 on with groups like Lougaroo, So Nicht, Otolithen, THAU,
TSUKI, BLAST, Best Before, City of Salt, Under the Carpet, GAMRA, Conca Högberg Bergman Sartorius Quartet the Quartet with Axel Dörner, John Edwards and Fabrizio Spera, PORTA CHIUSA, PRAED,
The Mad Laboratory of Anti-Mattar
and in many more...

composed and performed from 1998 till 2010 with BLAST-4tet/sextet/oktet/ensemble with
 Dirk Bruinsma(NL), Frank Crijns(NL) und Fabrizio Spera(I)

-1998 composed with Bruno Meillier(F) the music for the play „kein Monument
 für Gudrun Ensslin“in Saint Etienne(F)

-1997 to 2003 music for 3 silent movies: Der Mann mit der Kamera from Oziga Vertov,
Nosferatu from F.W. Murnau, die Mutter from Vsevolod Pudovkin

-2003 he composed with Margrit Rieben the music for the„Übermut“ Performance from
 the ÖFF-ÖFF theater in Bern(CH)

-2004 he composed „MIGRATON

-2006 he composed the music for the play„Selbstbezichtigung“ from Peter Handke

-2008 he composed the music for the play „Aufzeichnungen aus einem Irrenhaus“ from Christine Lavant

-2009 to 2010 he composed  PORTA CHIUSA for 3 clarinets(55 min)

-2009 he composed the music for the dance performance One (idea) happening live

-2010 to 2013 he composed a new composition for PORTA CHIUSA(part two) for 3 clarinets and voice(53 min)

-2014 he composed a new composition for PORTA CHIUSA(part three) for 3 clarinets and voice(40 min)

-2014 he composed the music for the play "collecting home"  with Yara Bou Nassar

2015 he composed a new composition for PORTA CHIUSA(part four) for 3 clarinets(46 min)

-2017 he composed the music for the play "everything is just fine" with Yara Bou Nassar and AnnaLena Fröhlich

-2018 Music Prize from the canton of Bern 2018

-2021 he composed the music for the play tomorrow is the best day of my life from Yara Bou Nassar

He did projects with Bart Maris(B), Ottomo Yoshide(JAP), (J)Noeel Akchote(F), Matt Wand(GB), Jason Kahn(US), Koji Asano(JAP), Bruno Meillier,(F) Jim Meneses(US), Stephan Wittwer(CH), Steve Buchanan(US), Dorothea Schürch(CH), Kato Hideki(JAP), Werner Lüdi(CH), Michael Wertmüller(CH), Kido Natsuki(JAP), Masashi Kitamura(JAP), Katsui Yuji(JAP), Margrit Rieben(CH), Saadet Tuerkoez(CH), Yoko Miura(JAP), Hans Koch(CH), Martin Schütz(CH), John Edwards(GB), Sabina Meyer(I), Michael Zernag(US), Christine Sehnaoui(F), Mazen Kerbaj(LEB), Raed Yassin(LEB), Sharif Sehnaoui(LEB), Takumi Seino(JAP), Tarek Atoui(F), Uriel Barthelemi(F), Marcos Fernandes(JAP), Maki Hachiya(JAP), Kaido Yutaka(JAP), Usui Yasuhiro(JAP), Keiko Higuchi(JAP) Shayne Bowden(AUS), Mori-Shige(JAP), Adachi Tomomi(JAP), Yara Bou Nassar, AnnaLena Froelich and many more.........

Festivals: Untiteld Festival in Den Bosch (NL), Kykart Festival in St. Petersburg, Audio Art Festival in Krakau, Reve de Gier Festival in Frankreich, Rumor Festival in Utrecht (NL), Novembermusic in Gent (B), Hertogenbosch (NL) and Essen (D), Music Inovatrice in Saint Etienne(F), Festival Rue du Nord in Lausanne(CH), Irtijal Festival in Beirut(LEB) and Paris(F), Jazzfestival Mulhouse(F), Al Maslakh Festival in Genf, Bern, Basel and Zürich(CH), Filmfestival Rotterdam(NL), Archipel Festival Geneve(CH), Bad Bonn Kilbi in Düdingen(CH), Artacts Festival Sankt Johann(A), Stummfilmfestival Grosse Halle in Bern(CH), Doubt Music Festival in Tokyo(JAP), Impro Art Festival in Yokohama(JAP), Jazz Promenade Yokohama(JAP), Suoni per il popolo Festival in Montreal(CAN), kleines Festival der anderen Art in Bern(CH), Free Resonance Festival in Trondheim(NOR), Akouphene Festival in Geneve(CH), Konfrontationen Festival in Nickelsdorf(A), Reelfestival in Edinburgh, London and Bristol(UK), Swiss Music Days in Belgrad(SRB), CTM Festival in Berlin(D), VS Interpretation Festival in Prague(CZ), Todo Mundo Festival in Belgrade(SRB), ZOOM Festival in Bern(CH), BAM Festival Barcelona(ES), Rhizom Festival Zurich(CH), Fano free folk Festival(DK), Jazzwerkstatt Bern(CH), Be Side Festival Lucerne(CH), Jazz Art Festival Sengawa Tokyo(JP), Edge of Wrong festival in Cape Town and Joburg((ZA), Hifa Festival Harare(ZW), Nyege Nyege Festival in Jinja(UG), Les nuits lorient Festival Dijon(F), Masana Festival Casablanca(MAR) and many more.....


LOUGAROO: minorities '90(junk records), swi '91(harmony records)

CLEEE: 12 laecherliche Geschichten '93 (junk rec.), die Macht der Angst '94 (junk rec.), hello,hello, hello, '97 (amf rec.), schwarze Sternenlieder '98 (Pantheistic rec.), Low '03 (cleme records)

SO NICHT: boop '97 (junk rec.)

BLAST: A Sophisticated Face '99 (Cuneiform rec.), Altrastrata '02 (ReR Megacorp), As nowhere as anywhere '07(FMR Records), SIFT '09(ReR Records)

OTOLITHEN: Otolithen '95 (amf rec.), S.O.D. '97 (Cuneiform rec.), 3ed '03 (cleme records)

BEST BEFORE: 04/04/44 '02 (NM 213)

TSUKI: TSUKI'05(Everest Records)

BUSHWAC: The road that white men tread '07(Everest Records), Fight if.......'10(Everest Records)

PRAED: The Muesli Man '08(Creative Sources Records), Faded Diary '10 with Takumi Seino(Grapes Records Japan), Made in Japan '11(Annihaya Records),  Fabrication of Silver Dreams
'16(Annihaya Records)
Fabrication of Silver Dreams LP '17(Discrepant records), Doomsday Survival kit '19(Akuphone records)
Live in Sharjah 3 LP's
'20(Morphine Records) Kaf Afrit 23(Akuphone records)

THAU: Thau'09(Die Schachtel Records)

GAMRA: gamra '10(Setola Di Maiale), POW '15(Setola Di Maiale)

SYG BAAS: Himmu Stärne '11(Baas Club)

: '12(Ruptured Records)


CITY OF SALT: '13(Majmua Records)

The Reptured: Sessions volume five '13(reptured)

Paed Conca and Sarigama: '15(Radio Beirut)

PORTA CHIUSA: because life should be so wonderful(l) '16 (Herbal Records)

CULT MINIT: particle difference 20' (endTitels)

  Story of a dead end vol. 1 Annihilation of Denial