Paed Conca Päd Conca Clarinet Praed Porta Chiusa City of Salt Composer Improviser Komponist Bassist Clarinet Baß


    Paed Conca and Raed Yassin


photo by Tony Elieh

Founded by Raed Yassin and Paed Conca in 2006, “Praed” is a band whose musical oeuvre can be described as a mixture
of Arabic popular music, free jazz, and electronics. In the same year, the band made its first public appearance in Al Maslakh
festival in Switzerland, immediately followed by a concert at the Irtijal festival in Beirut. Since then, the band has frequented
numerous international music festivals and toured intensively world-wide, spanning Japan, Europe and Canada. Through
these endeavors, the band has created a large global network with other renowned musicians as musical collaborators.

The band consists of two regular members: Raed Yassin playing keyboards, laptop, electronics and vocals; and Paed Conca
on clarinet, electric bass, and electronics.

PRAED did also perform under the name PRAED PLUS as a big band
together with Axel Dörner, Johannes Bauer, Hans Koch and Stephane Rives
or with different cast

The band’s body of work mainly explores the terrain of Arabic popular music (“Shaabi”) and its interconnectedness with
other psychedelic and
hypnotic musical genres in the world, such as free jazz, space jazz, and psychedelic rock among others.

Since its inception, Praed has shown a very keen interest in this music as a medium that reflects Egyptian society’s complicated
fabric. Through the research it conducted, the band began to discover a strong cultural connection between “Shaabi” sounds
and the “Mouled” music that is played in religious trance ceremonies. The hypnotizing psychedelic effect that was embedded in
this genre also triggered thoughts around its similarity to other popular music in the world that employ forms of sonic delirium,
such as free jazz and psychedelic rock.


excerpts from the new PRAED CD "Fabrication of Silver Dreams":  1    2    3    4    5        order fabrication of silver dreams

stoned crocodiles       8 Gega                  PRAED  on SOUNDCLOUD

hatem imam the love of the millions       pyramids in the sky


PRAED live in Beirut:   1    2    3    4     PRAED in Tokyo   PRAEDplus in London   

PRAEDplus in Nickelsdorf:  1   2   3   PRAED rue du Nord Festival

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PHOTO 1    PHOTO 2    PHOTO 3    photo 1 by PRAED photo 2 and 3 by Tony Elieh 


Festivals: Al Maslakh Festival in Bern, Zürich, Basel, Genf, Stummfilmfestival in Bern,
Doubt Music
Festival in Tokyo, Impro Art Festival in Yokohama, Rue du Nord Festival
in Lausanne, Archipel Festival in Genf, Bad Bonn-Kilbi in Düdingen 2012 and 2014,
Filmfestival in Rotterdam, Irtijal Festival in Beirut, Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival in
Montreal, Free Resonance Festival in Trondheim, Akouphene Festival in Geneve,
Meteo Festival in Mulhouse, Konfrontationen Festival in Nickelsdorf, CTM Festival in Berlin,
Todo Mundo Festival in Belgrade, Vs Interpretation Festival in Prague, Fumetto Festival in Lucerne,
Serralves EM Festa in Porto



21st of January at the Yukunkun in Beirut, Lebanon
28th of January at the Vooruit in Gent, Belgium
29th of January at the Les Atelier Claus in Brussels, Belgium
30th of January at the CTM Festival in Berlin, Germany
20th of April at the cave 12 in Geneva, Switzerland
21st of April at the Fumetto festival in Lucerne, Switzerland
22nd of April at the Bad Bonn in Düdingen, Switzerland
23rd of April at the Kulturni Centar in Novi Sad, Serbia
24th of April at the Todo Mundo Festival in Belgrade, Serbia
30th of April at the Vs. Interpretation Festival in Prague, Czech
1st of May at the Control Club in Bucharest, Romania
3rd of May at the Aby Stage Bar in Ramnicu Valcea
, Romania
4th of May at the Electric Theater in Timisoara, Romania
5th of May at the Shelter in Cluj Napoca, Romania
6th of May at the Mozkva Cafe in Oradea, Romania
7th of May at the Felezo Club in Debrecen, Hungary
8th of May at the Golya in Budapest, Hungary
5th of June at the Serralves Em Festa in Porto, Portugal


14th of March at the metro al madina in Beirut, Lebanon
25th of March at the Vent in Cairo, Egypt
26th of March at the 100 copies in Cairo, Egypt
28th of March at the El Cabina in Alexandria, Egypt
4th of September at the CSW in Warsaw, Poland
2nd of December at the Pit Inn in Tokyo, Japan
3rd of December at the Valentine Drive in Nagoya, Japan
4th of December at the Urbanguild in Kyoto, Japan
5th of December at the Art Space Tetra in Fukuoka, Japan
6th of December at the Soup in Tokyo, Japan
7th of December at the Vi Code in Osaka, Japan
8th of December at the Bears in Osaka, Japan
9th of December at the Rag in Kyoto, Japan
10th of December at the Retroft in Kagoshima, Japan
11th of December at the Big Apple in Kobe, Japan
12th of December at the Airgin in Yokohama, Japan
15th of December at the Yellow Vision in Tokyo, Japan
16th of December at the Knuttelhouse in Tokyo, Japan


4th of January at the metro al madina in Beirut, Lebanon
5th of April at the Irtijal Festival in Beirut, Lebanon

28th of May at the Wagenplatz Bethlehem in Bern, Switzerland
29th of May at the Bad Bonn Kilbi in Düdingen, Switzerland
18th of July at the Konfrontationen Festival in Nickelsdorf, Austria


10th of January at the Yukunkun in Beirut, Lebanon
2nd of February with Shezad Dawood in London, England
3rdof February at the 113 Daltson Lane in London, England
4th of February at the Cafe Oto in London, England


30th of January at the International Filmfestival in Rotterdam, Holland
11th of February at the Rue du Nord Festival in Lausanne, Switzerland
30th of March at the Archipel Festival In Geneve, Switzerland
2nd of June at the Bad Bonn Kilbi in Duedingen, Switzerland
12th of June at the Suoni per il popolo Festival in Montreal, Canada
23rd of August at the Festival METEO in Mulhouse, Franc
27th of September at the Metro al Madina in Beirut, Lebanon
2nd of October at the Flat in Hachinohe
3rd of October at the Leaf in Hakodate
4th of October at the Amida-Sama in Tomakomai
5th of October at the Coo in Sapporo
6th of October with Kaido Yutaka at the Matsuno Yu in Tokyo
7th of October with with Mori-Shige at the Muriwui in Tokyo
8th of October with Maki Hachiya at the Candy in Tokyo
9th of October at the Urbanguild in Kyoto
10th of October with Pearl Alexander at the Bar Isshee in Tokyo
11th of October with Yoko Miura at the Penguinhouse in Tokyo
12th of October with Maki Hachiya and Takayuki Kato at the Knuttelhouse in Tokyo
13th of October at the International Art Festival in Yokohama
14th of Octoberber at the International Art Festival in Yokohama
15th of Octoberber at the Hokage in Osaka
17th of Octoberber with Usui Yasuhiro at the K.D. Japon in Nagoya
18th of October at the Hakozaki Suizokan in Fukuoka
19th of October at the Art Space Tetra in Fukuoka
20th of October with Takumi Seino in the Honenin Temple in Kyoto
21st of October with Takumi Seino in the Ryoukenji Temple inWakayama
22nd of October at the Katakamna in Kobe
23rd of October with Takumi Seino at the Big Apple in Kobe
25th of October with Takumi Seino at the Common Cafe in Osaka
26th of October at the FANCLUB in Matsudo City
27th of October with Marcos Fernandes at the Shichoushitsu 2 in Yokohama
28th of October with at the MITT House in Osaka
29th of October with Kaido Yutaka at the Simokitazawa APOLLO in Tokyo
16th of November at the Fri Resonance Festival in Trondheim, Norway
21st of November at the Bee-flat in Bern, Switzerland
23rd of November at the Akouphene Festival in Geneve, Switzerland